a treat for you & your dog

Enjoy the experience of your photographic studio Paw-trait at our specialist Dog Photography Studio, set in beautiful English Heritage grounds just outside of Farnham, Surrey.

Our studio is specifically designed to make your dogs feel at home, whilst in a secure and safe environment. Our skilled use of lights and props creates a painting type style, and our understanding of your dog allows their real character to shine through!



Do I have to make a purchase?

Never!  Regardless of whether you have won a prize, or received your Photoshoot as a gift, what you decide to purchase is completely up to you!  We do warn all of our clients beforehand that they usually want to – but there is never any pressure should you wish to leave it.

Can I get the Digital files?

Yes!  We include a copy of the digital file alongside any artwork that you buy, we realise that being able to show off and share on social media, or just to have a copy on your phone to carry with you is important to you.

How much would it cost if I want them all?

Our best value option for ALL of the photos is a beautiful framed Album with a copy of each of the digital files included is £780*.

We also offer an option to include 15 Boxed & mounted prints to include a copy of each digital file, or alternatively a smaller set of 5 Mounted prints with a copy of the corresponding digital files is £520*.

*This includes your discount if you have won a Gift certificate and your refundable deposit credited.

Can I purchase at a later date?

We only sell our artwork face to face, its important to be able to discuss creative options together.  The bespoke nature of the finishes and options is not something that can be chosen online.  Purchases therefore always need to be made on the day – but we do offer payment plan options should you choose to buy now and pay later.


Was a little apprehensive about our photo shoot as we had 4 dogs of different characters, all nervous of new situations and people. We were instantly put at ease, the dogs relaxed quickly and we got some amazing photos. Never thought we’d get one of all 4 and we had a few to pick from!

We had the most amazing experience today with our 7, it’s not just anywhere people would say yes bring all seven dogs with you and not care of the chaos.
All of my dogs have very different personalities and she somehow managed to capture that in all of her photos. I am so excited to receive them! Highly recommended, would give them more than 5 stars if I could.
we have the most amazing shots of our boy Louie. Best thing we ever did as sadly we lost him in August but we have some truly unique pictures of him.


We say to allow two hours in total for your experience with us!  This includes initially time to sniff and settle, around 30 mins with you all in the studio, and then a short walk in the beautiful grounds whilst we prepare the images for you to choose straight away!

When you return from your walk,  you will see a cinematic slideshow over a cup of tea or coffee, and choose which images that you love, and with the guidance of our friendly photographers, choose what would work best gfor you in your home.  Our focus is on really exploring your story, and capturing those beautiful caharacteristics that you love, whilst creating beautiful and unique Artwork for your walls. We do also have options for Mounted prints, Albums, and Digitals for you to choose from.

Your Design Consultation will happen immediately after your walk on the same day, this is great if you are travelling any distance as your Artwork can also be delivered to your home should you find that easier.

Where is the Studio?
Studio shoots are at our specifically designed Dog studio set on the beautiful English Heritage grounds of Waverley Abbey.

Parking is right outside the studio doors, with level access to the studio, and a safe large walled car park.

What if my dog is anxious?

We are used to all different characters of dog from nervous rescues, reactive/aggressive, or just plain active and noisy! We know how to get the best from any character, and will always put the well being and safety of your dog first.

There are some great advantages to being in the studio, as we control the environment, and dogs feel at ease and relaxed a lot quicker with less stimuli. Saying that when on location, we can go with your suggestion, and even keep your dog on a lead throughout the shoot if you prefer. Please do bring a collar though as we would need to remove the harness.

My dog won't sit still.

If only I had a pound for every time I’ve heard this! The shoot is a fluid and fun process, involving if needed play and fast reactions! Generally a speedy terrier or spaniel is easier to photograph than if a dog is nervous or timid, as they react well to games!

You need to know this..
Dogs are at the heart of what we do – and we make them the centre of your experience with us. Not only will we achieve amazing artistic portraits for you to cherish forever, but it is also a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend some time doing an activity with your dog to always remember.