Poppy the Lurcher

Say hello to Poppy – 10 year old Lurcher


Lurcher breed


Catherine came to the studio with Poppy, a 10 year old gorgeous Lurcher. Catherine explained that Poppy didn’t like hard floors which was a concern because our studio has concrete and tiled floors (easy to clean up the odd accident when it happens). To welcome Poppy and to make her time at the studio fun, relaxing and comfortable we covered the floors especially for her with blankets, rugs and some of our muslin backdrops! We are very sensistive to every detail of the shoot and we didn’t want Poppy being anything other than completely comfortable. In return, Poppy thanked us by being a complete poppet (see what I did there!). She absolutely rocked her session and look at the gorgeous results! Catherine explained that she had never got a photograph of Poppy with her ears up & pert … so that was our challenge! With patience and the right distractions we got these lovely portraits with ears perky and gorgeous! Can’t say it was easy –  they only stayed up for a slit second but we nailed it! Really chuffed that we managed to fulfil the brief on this portrait. She was worth it – I think we both fell a little bit in love with her!



Ears down and still gorgeous!!


Did you know that Lurcher is thought to take their name from the Romany word ‘Lur’  which means thief, in reference to the stealthy manner in which they stalk and catch their prey.

Do you have a lurcher? We have photographed seven so far – they are always a delight to have in the studio … so run along to our ‘Bow Wowchers‘ page and buy a session for yourself – it’s just £35 and we promise to try & get perky ears for you too! Woof!

German Shepherd – meet Chloe

Chloe the German Shepherd

German Shepherd




Say hello to Chloe, nearly 13 years old and the most gorgeous German Shepherd. In human years that makes her about 90 – doesn’t she look amazing?  A grand old lady with so much life and personality. She was a real treat to have in our portrait studio. (We are based near Farnham, Surrey, by the way!)

Some interesting facts about the German Shepherd:

  1. They are ranked as the 3rd most intelligent dog
  2. A mix of beige and black is the most common color type for German shepherds, but solid black and solid white shepherds also exist.
  3. German shepherds can nearly instantly break into top speed, come to a sudden stop and round a sharp corner without stumbling over themselves or their surroundings. It’s one of the many reasons they’re often used as a police and military dog
  4. They are ranked the 2nd most popular breed in the USA
  5. A German Shepherd’s bite has 238 pounds of force — a human’s bite has just 86!
  6. When formal guide dog training began in Switzerland in the 1920s, all of the dogs trained were German Shepherds.
  7. The name Alsatian is also often used. This is a result of the “German” element being dropped in Europe after World War 1 because of the poor perception of the country at the time
  8. German shepherd Capitan ran away from home after the death of Argentinian Miguel Guzman in 2006. A week later Mr Guzman’s family went to pay their respects and found the heartbroken pet sitting by his owner’s grave, wailing. He has stayed there for 6 years.
  9. We have Captain Max von Stephanitz from Germany to thank for the breeding of the first German Shepherd back in 1899
  10. German Shepherds make up 1.8% of the world dog population!

Interesting eh? No wonder they are so loved. Do you have a German Shepherd? We would love to photograph a puppy (it’s been on our bucket list for some time) – they are so cute and bear-like – if you have one then that is less than 12 weeks old then we will give you an extra print free of charge! Go to our Bow-wowcher page and purchase your session now! Woof!

Cocker Spaniel and Labrador – Poppy & Tosca

Poppy & Tosca – Cocker Spaniel and Labrador

Cocker Spaniel and Labrador

Cocker Spaniel and Labrador – Tosca & Poppy

160129 Quinlan 8926-LOW 160129 Quinlan 8906-LOW 160129 Quinlan 8905-LOW160129 Quinlan 8943-LOW

Tosca (Labrador) and Poppy (Cocker Spaniel) came to the studio and did their owners proud! “You will never get a photo of them together” they said …  we rose to the challenge (as we always do) and we got several of them together – our favourite one is shown above, with matching smiles!. We often get owners saying that to us and we have now become quite famous for getting beautiful portraits in our Surrey studio of multiple dogs! The most we have had so far is 6 Lurchers and an entire litter of 7 spaniels – we are never defeated and haven’t failed yet (she says madly touching wood!).

So Tosca the Foxy Yellow Labrador is 11 years old – that’s 70 in human years – his owners describe him as lovable & loyal, loves his food (don’t all Labradors??) and hates the vets! I feel the same way about dentists!

Poppy is an Orange Roan Cocker Spaniel, a mere youngster at 3 years old. Apparently she is cocky (like that! A Cocky Cocker!), cuddly and attention seeking (bit like my daughter!). Her owners say she is totally fearless (definitely like my daughter!).

Fun facts about Cocker Spaniels:

  1. Did you know Prince William and Kate Middleton, adopted a cocker spaniel puppy in 2012?
  2. The Lady is a Tramp is a Cocker Spaniel!
  3. Cocker spaniels have been the pets of choice for several U.S. presidents. Richard Nixon and Harry S. Truman both had cocker spaniels while in office. Bill Clinton had a cocker spaniel named Zeke while he was governor of Arkansas.
  4. Legend has it that the first cocker spaniel, or at least the ancestor of the cocker spaniel as we know it today, arrived in Plymouth, Mass., in 1620 on board the Mayflower with the pilgrims from England.
  5. Oprah brings her Cocker Spaniels to work everyday!
  6. Cocker Spaniels have been the most scientifically studied dog in the world.

Bring your own Cocky Cocker into the studio – promotional shoots start at £35 and include a 10×8 print – click here to buy your voucher today! Woof woof x

Award Winning Image from the Guild of Photographers

Award winning Image

Award winning Image


Wow, wow, wow – or should I say BOW WOW WOW – chuffed is not the word! Doing a happy dance and punching the air!

The Guild of Photographers runs a monthly national competition to find the Photographer of the Year. Each month you have to enter 3 images  which are assessed by a full Panel of highly experienced Judges who grade them in accordance with international judging criteria. Very pleased to announce that this image of Boris won a SILVER in the competition! It is extremely difficult to get a silver, hence the happy dance!!

It is also very fitting that Boris has qualified for Crufts this year so hopefully that will be a double win for him!!  It is thrilling to win awards and hopefully there will be many more this year.

Boris is a Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer – an elegant & noble breed as well as cute and adorable! He was amazing in the studio & proudly hangs in 2 frames in the reception. I will be avidly watching Crufts to track his progress … not long now …  Not sure I will get much work done – will have to take the laptop to the telly and pretend!

If you want  an award winning image to hang on your wall then click here to buy a voucher … or just call/email on the contact page and book your pup in! Based near Farnham, Surrey the Artful Dog Studio  is specially designed for dogs and only dogs (occasionally an owner creeps into a shot … but we allow that!). All the dogs and owners enjoy the experience:   laughter, adrenalin and often tears permeate into the studio … it really is a wonderful experience so come and join in the fun.

 “An enjoyable afternoon watching my dog “pose” for his photos – he really seemed to enjoy the whole experience.

A walk afterwards however ended in him in rather a muddy state – back to normal!”  Pauline.

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