New Lockdown Restrictions 4th January 2021:  In light of the new Government guidelines, we will be closing our studio doors once more.  We will be working remotely from home, and still be available to contact during lockdown (email is the easiest way to contact us).  You will still be able to make future online bookings, change existing bookings; and also purchase Vouchers as Gifts!

Due to our premises being closed, we will unfortunately not be able to arrange any collections or postage of Artwork or Product until after lockdown restrictions have eased, we will of course be in touch with you as soon as we can.  Any Artwork that you have on order with us currently in production has already been ordered and will also be ready for collection once lockdown restrictions ease.

Any Vouchers already purchased; or Prizes already won; will be extended so that they can be used when we are able to open again and you feel ready!

The New Way of Working


In order to comply with Government guidelines, as well as keeping all of our clients, their dogs, and ourselves safe, we have adopted a few slightly different ways of working, and put extra safety measures in place!

Together we will


With alot of our usual working practices already allowing for the protection and safety of our clients and their dogs, it was not a huge task to implement a few extra precautionary measures to make us all feel as safe as possible, whilst still having a great time and feeling relaxed! Including re-arranging the furniture to allow more space inside.

What to Expect when you arrive.

We have both disposable medical grade masks, and disposable gloves available at our cleaning stations inside the studio doors. Should you wish, we also have disposable medical grade masks, however wedo suggest that if you wish yourselves or us to wear a mask, that you also wear one at home in front of your dog for a few days beforehand, so that it does not feel too strange to them.


We have always kept a clean Studio environment anyway – when you work with dogs there is no other alternative! We have, however, increased our cleaning regime, and every blanket is only used once before washing, with props and other surfaces (including upholstery fabric) sprayed with antibacterial spray in between EVERY client!


We have added in the option for a FREE delivery to your home for all purchases. This reduces the neccessity of an extra journey to collect your Artwork. We will cover this cost (with no price increase) to help reduce any further unneccessary travel on your behalf.